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About Generics

About Generics
Generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as their brand-name equivalent, but are usually much less expensive. When a new drug is developed, it is protected by a patent for a certain time period, giving the developer exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the product, enabling them to recoup the cost of research and development.

When the patent expires, a generic manufacturer may make a product using the same active ingredient. After stability testing and bioavailability studies to successfully establish equivalence to the branded product, and upon receipt of FDA approval, the company can take it to market. The savings generated through not repeating the clinical research are duly passed along to the consumer.

Generic drugs offer consumers several benefits over brand-name equivalents by:

    • Costing less;
    • Complying with FDA standards by having the same active ingredients, safety and efficacy profile;
    • Treating the same conditions or illnesses;
    • Having the same dosage, strength, and means of Administration.

For more information on generic drugs, visit the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs page.

Policy is for direct Qualitest customers only and not intended for consumers.

The full Return Goods Policy document containing specifit instructions, contact information and terms can be requested by emailing: info@qualitest.com.

*Please provide a valid phone number with all requests/correspondence.

The Return Goods Policy document covers the following:
-Return Authorization (R/A) – Direct Accounts and Indirect Accounts/ Third Party Customers
-Shipment of Return Goods
-Credit for Returned Items – All Items are Subject to Valuation
-Non-Returnable Items (No Credit)
-Items Ordered or Shipped in Error or Damages in Transit


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